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Link and image render hooks

Use Hugo’s render hooks to accurately resolve markdown link and image destinations. This approach solves one of the most common problems encountered by site and content authors. Learn more »

Markdown attributes

Hugo supports markdown attributes on images and block-level elements including blockquotes, fenced code blocks, headings, lists, paragraphs, and tables. Learn more »

Images with overlays

Create a composite of two images using Hugo’s overlay image filter, typically for watermarking or "frame within a frame" applications. Learn more »


Use a fenced code block to embed an SVG image of a diagram in your Hugo site. Learn more »

Mathematical expressions

Use a fenced code block or shortcode to embed an SVG image of a LaTeX mathematical expression or equation in your Hugo site. Learn more »

Tables of content

Insert a table of contents into pages on your Hugo site using one of four methods. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Learn more »